The Coach

21/11/2020 14:56

The Coach
We supply coaches who have significant previous experience of coaching at this level. Furthermore, the coach will be highly qualified with coach-specific training (not only consultancy training). In most cases, the coach will also have previously held leadership roles in business themselves.

The Coaching

The first session allows the leader to decide if the coach is a “good fit” and to co-design a coaching contract to decide how the coaching will be used. The coaching is completely confidential and confidentiality contracts can be signed by the coach if required.

To a business leader, the role of a coach is to provide a like-minded individual who does not have their own agenda. Leaders often require time to “think things out loud” and a trained coach facilitates this process by asking the appropriate questions to clarify the purpose and implementation of business goals.


Executive coaching can be described as a personal facilitation providing a framework to identify and focus on what is important in a more strategic sense. Simply planning and rehearsing for a large deal can make coaching “worth its weight in gold.” Often a lasting vision is clarified within the first few sessions, with further coaching simply a way of ensuring implementation.

It is no surprise that many leaders in America and United Kingdom top companies are using coaches; if top sports people hope to gain extra prize and sponsorship money by winning, why not give access to the same resources to top performers in business and other large organizations.