Management & Delegation Skills

Management is about changing from "doing the skill" to "delegating the skill" to others. Coaching encourages a change in attitude, so that the client will want to learn and implement this approach. Coaching also provides valuable support when dealing with challengingstaffing issues.

Any individual who manages others as one of their key roles.

The Issues
People who manage others often find they do too much of the task themselves. After a while these accumulating tasks completely fill up their time and they have no time left to manage their staff, let alone motivate them.

People are often promoted to management because they are good at their job, but it is essential that they recognize they have a new job, which is to manage others. It is also important that they do not take any skills-gap personally, but realize that they simply need to learn the skill of management, which perhaps they did not require in their original job.

The Coach
Our coaches in this area will have had senior managerial roles themselves. They will also be qualified and highly trained coaches.

The Coaching
Firstly, the individual manager’s issues will be identified. These could include problems with delegating, identifying bottlenecks and specific issues with individuals and teams. This will lead to a clear coaching contract with specific outcomes agreed up front.

The process of coaching is excellent for managers, as it often hinges on changing their beliefs on delegation. Some tasks require careful monitoring, whilst others can be delegated with routine reporting. Also, the process of developing people so that they can take over entire functions within a department requires closer supervision to ensure that tasks are done appropriately.

Coaching someone involves using active questioning techniques; this is also an excellent way for a manager to teach their staff to take over a function. Therefore, a manager not only benefits from creating delegation strategies with their coach, but also implicitly learns how to manage using a “coaching approach.”

Good management means getting the most out of a team of people. Coaching provides a framework to produce more time for the manager to manage their team, and identify and improve personal areas that may interfere with this process.