Throwing someone in at the deep-end will identify whether they sink or swim. The problem is, if they don’t take to it like a duck to water, then their team will suffer. Coaching could then be perceived as a way to deliver a young swan and reduce the ugly duckling period to a minimum!


Promotion Fast Tracking
Coaching ensures that hitting the ground running takes place without breathlessness.  Coaching also creates a good basis of communication and transmission of job function from its present incumbent, when this opportunity is possible.
Who For?
Any individual who will shortly be, or recently has been, appointed to a new role.
The Issues
Once someone is promoted into a new role, they are usually expected to “hit the ground running.” The process of coaching is to ensure that they run comfortably and do not suddenly stop! Often when someone is new in a job they are simply missing a few skills. Trial and error will no doubt address these. However, it may also destabilize their team. Also, people can become quite stressed in new roles and require a way of keeping calm and enjoying the new challenges they face.

The coach will seek a commitment to gain the new capabilities required by the job and not to dwell on those lacked as personal failure; this is simply a normal process of the recurring skills gap that any individual will experience throughout their working life.

Thereafter the coach will be there to assist in the decision-making process on what specific actions would be best as the various management and strategic issues arise. This can be very comforting for a new arrival; having the support of a coach through the first few weeks of a new role provides a basis for continuing and independent success.