Our Vision

Our vision is to facilitate people to find winning paths in their own way, and for them to enjoy the process.

Our Identity

We are “the string that supports the picture frame.” Inside that frame are the times when vital business changes are clarified and decided.

Our Values

To offer the same standards of professionalism in coaching as you would expect in other business services, such as law, accountancy and consulting.

Our Capability

Our people are highly experienced and specifically qualified. The special qualities we look for in our coaches are a mix of challenge, compassion and perspective. We also require a vocation for this profession in a business context.

Our Behaviour

We create a listening “space” where clients can identify specific outcomes by using active questioning to find out if there are any obstacles or alternatives. We then facilitate the planning process to ensure that outcomes are achieved.

Our Environment

We have pleasant coaching rooms in our office. Out of town set up can be arrange for a minimum of 3 days 2 nights accommodation, we offer both coaching and training. We also offer coaching by telephone. Many clients prefer this method for the convenience and privacy it offers.