Coaching Packages

21/11/2020 14:57

Packaging at a Glance

To get a measurable return on investment, it is important to set clear outcomes for business coaching. We offer executive coaching packages aimed at strengthening specific areas; you know what you have come for and what you are getting.

We have six one-to-one business coaching packages:

1.  Leadership Facilitation

Leadership involves making many significant decisions. Professional coaching creates a discussion forum for planning with someone who has trodden the path and will not be affected by the results. This makes the decision making process more comfortable and more robust.

Who For?

CEOs, board members, managing partners, etc.

The Issues

The high pace of running a substantial organization often means that time is a very scarce resource.

Are you working in the business or on the business? Coaching gives leaders time out to focus on both of these important issues. While leaders are often deeply involved in significant projects and deals, it is also essential that time is spent on talent management in much the same way as a sports team manager or orchestra conductor.

In our view, the role of a leader is to ensure that strategic goals are achieved, whilst being able to make rapid changes in a fast-moving world. The focus must also be on talent, ensuring that an alignment between organizational vision and individual requirements creates the dynamic culture needed for sustainable success.